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Sheriff’s Inmates Remove 2 Million Pounds of Trash from Brevard’s Roadways

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — The Sheriff’s Office Inmate Work Crew program hit a major milestone this week by removing 2 million pounds of trash from the roadways of Brevard County.
This program was implemented by Sheriff Jack Parker in July of 2005 and puts both male and female inmates to work beautifying our community while supervised by Sheriff’s Office Personnel.
While removing trash, inmates also clean up and remove graffiti found along Brevard County roadways. Sheriff Parker stated: “Putting jail inmates to work to save tax dollars and keep Brevard’s roadways clean is good for all of us.”
In addition to removing trash and graffiti, inmates remove invasive plants from the islands along the Banana and Indian Rivers in cooperation with “Keep Brevard Beautiful” to protect our environment and enhance these areas for the general public to enjoy. The Sheriff’s Office has been honored to be selected to receive their Beautification Award from “Keep Brevard Beautiful” two times in the last five years.
Tony Sasso, Executive Director of Keep Brevard Beautiful stated: “I appreciate Sheriff Parker and his dedicated team in helping to keep Brevard beautiful.”
The Inmate Work Crew program also provides labor for construction and maintenance projects for other agencies and non-profit organizations. While working on these projects inmates earn skills that can be utilized to obtain gainful employment upon release which greatly reduces their chances of being rearrested.


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