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Tribute To Fallen Officers And Victims of 1987 Shooting Rampage

Palm Bay, Florida — The Palm Bay Police Department will host a special tribute to two of its fallen officers killed 25 years ago during a shooting rampage at two Palm Bay shopping plazas.  On April 23, 1987, Officer Ronald Grogan and Officer Gerald Johnson were both killed responding to the call of a man with a rifle randomly shooting at people at the store plazas.  Four citizens were also killed and 14 others were wounded.
A memorial service and tribute will be held on Monday, April 23, 2012 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Sacrifice Park located in front of the Palm Bay Police Department, 130 Malabar Rd. SE, adjacent to the Degroodt Library.
Anyone who would like to attend this public recognition are welcome.  “Twenty five years have gone by, however we still pay tribute and respect to the sacrifice that Officers Ron Grogan and Gerry Johnson made that day,” said retired Captain Doug Dechenne who was part of the hostage negotiation team that day.  “This community and department owes them as much today as we did that fateful night.  The gallantry and bravery shown by these two officers saved lives that evening.   Dozens of people are alive today, because of Officer Grogan and Johnson’s commitment to protect and serve.”
Surviving family members and victims of the Palm Bay shooting are asked to contact Capt. Jim Rogers at 321-953-8909 for special recognition during the memorial.

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