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Cocoa Beach To Investigate Legality Of Clothing Optional Motel

COCOA BEACH, Florida — The City of Cocoa Beach Commission voted 5-0 at its meeting on May 3, 2012 to have the City Attorney investigate the laws related to the Fawlty Towers Motel operation of a clothing optional resort.  The objective of the investigation is for the City Attorney to clarify the laws so that City personnel will know how to enforce the rules and regulations related to that type of business.

“This one kinda blind-sided us,” said Cocoa Beach City Commissioner Skip Williams during the meeting.

Cocoa Beach City Mayor Skip Beeler raised concerns that the $25 day pass to a cover charge at an adult entertainment club.  “If a $25 day pass is used like a cover charge for an adult entertainment facility, there’s going to be trouble,” said Cocoa Beach City Attorney Skip Fowler.

Commissioner Ken Griffin railed, “We should not have a nudist colony within the City.  I’m opposed to it.  This should never have happened.”  

Commissioner Kevin Pruett cited Fawlty Tower’s lack of waterfront property compared to other Cocoa Beach hotels.  “He doesn’t have a river, he doesn’t have an ocean.  At the end of the day, he lost his ability to compete with price,” Pruett said. “I sure wish the guy came up with another idea.”

Cocoa Beach residents who spoke at the meeting only spoke against the clothing optional motel.  “It goes against what Cocoa Beach stands for.  This is like a stain, in my opinion, on the name of Cocoa Beach,” said Eileen Kalam.

The resort, which opened in 1988, is located in the heart of Cocoa Beach’s tourist district, just one block away from Ron Jon Surf Shop and on the main road leading to Shepard Park, a popular beach park for visiting tourists.  The Fawlty Towers Resort is located at 100 East Cocoa Beach Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The resort’s website says that it will “promote family-orientated nudism, which shall be wholesome and non-sexual.”  Single males will be required to qualify before being allowed to visit the resort.

The layout of the resort has a fully-enclosed community area, with a pool and tiki bar that is not visible from outside the resort property.

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  • Has anyone checked into copyright infringement of the name Fawlty Towers? That was a popular show on BBC for years. Don't think they'd care for it being used here, lol.

  • What about the drugs, prostitution, and adult entertainment centers already a problem in Cocoa Beach ? It just brings more crime and perverts to the area, why not find something good that a family would travel and spend time and money comming to Cocoa Beach for. I love Cocoa Beach and I have no problem with the "boobie- bars" because you have to pay and go inside to watch it's not in your face but a motel that has kids and naked adults.....pass.

  • Tomorrow's vote Today . . . at Brevard Times."The City of Cocoa Beach Commission voted 5-0 at its meeting on May 5, 2012..."I hope that they post upcoming Lotto numbers.

  • It makes me laugh that the community of Cocoa Beach is so focused on this issue right now. The transplants who live in, and now run, this city have a very fairy tale vision of what this town was, what it is now, and what it will be in the future. Cocoa Beach was the "Sin City" of the Space Coast in the 60's and 70's. It died with the end of the Saturn program. Had a rebirth in 80's and 90's with the Shuttle program. And now is struggling with a second death of the space program and failing economy.Several months ago the focus was tattoo shops who were filling in the empty store fronts. How dare they patronize the landowners who are struggling to keep their property taxes paid. Then the focus was on the weekend visitors who dare to consume alcohol on our beaches and patronize our stores and restaurants. Next was the RaceTrac corporation, whom had the audacity to attempt the construction of a gas station and convenience store in the business district. Can you IMAGINE??? Now, the focus is on a well maintained and long time hotel operation in the city who has decided to let their patrons shed some clothes while poolside in the privacy of their resort.I don't see the problem here. It's not like they changed the name of the resort to something sleazy, painted it like a brothel, and are offering lap dances. If you want to find those three places, one is at the southern entrance to the city, the other is just a block North of city hall, and the third is directly across from the Catholic Church and School at the North end of the city.Come on folks. Quit burning witches, and let the community grow with the times.

  • Anonymous has it correct: The owner of this hotel is desperate to keep his business going.I hope he makes it work!!Cocoa Beach & the local area has taken a beating from the Obama (marxist) economy, and this poor schmuck is doing the best he can.

  • I agree AnonymousMay 4, 2012 has it right but the rest of you... Comical... Nudity is such a bad thing and so harmful to the public. Obama a Marxist? I guess that makes sense for Floridians who will probably vote for the Mormon that keeps his magic underwear on and never goes nude... Don't we have bigger challenges people?

  • The fact is---this hotel follows the rules of the AANR---an organization created many years ago to promote the virtues of nude recreation and tourism Their rules, when it comes to personal codes of behavior at such places is very rigidly designed to reduce if not eliminate any sort of untoward sexual behavior---in fact--the association's rules are very "family friendly" and if you go to such resorts--you will see people of all ages from toddlers to teens, to 20 somethings, boomers and "the elderly" There is far less of a sexual vibe present at places that directly or indirectly follow AANR rules and regs--and ANYONE who violates those codes of conduct--are made to leave the premises forthwith. At this resort-I called to see what the rules are regarding singles coming to stay-both male and female--since I am single--before you can stay---you have to undergo and pass a criminal records background check. I do plan to spend some time there on upcoming trips to Florida. Around the world---nude recreation and tourism is something that is open and accepted--in many cases by governments themselves and you can find places that are open to nudist recreation such as Cap d'Agde in France and most of the entire coastal regions of the nation of Croatia---with that open zone---being encouraged by the national government--with the result being--that nation has become one of the top places in the world for those who merely wish to be able to do things like sunbathe and swim in the suit that we were born with. Sad to say that Americans are so ignorant and prudish about nudism.

  • Has anyone checked into copyright infringement of the name Fawlty Towers? That was a popular show on BBC for years. Don't think they'd care for it being used here, lol.

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