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“Garbage Man Scam” Ezzard Gilford Sentenced

TITUSVILLE, Florida — On May 3, 2012 Ezzard Gilford was sentenced to four years in the Florida Department of Corrections followed by five years of probation for his role in an ongoing scam which was committed throughout Brevard County over the last several years.
In this scam, Gilford approached the victims claiming to be their “garbage man”. Once establishing a position of trust with the victims, Gilford would offer to do work around the victim’s home to include delivering and/or laying sod, trimming trees or delivering and pouring gravel.
Once a price for the service or goods was agreed upon, Gilford would claim that his truck had a flat tire, or needed gas or was broken down and would ask the victims for the money to complete the promised work in advance so he could use a portion of the funds to fix the tire, put gas in the truck, or repair the truck. Gilford would then promise to return with the goods or to complete the work but never did.

The Titusville Police Department would like to thank everyone who came forward with information which aided in the identification and prosecution of Ezzard Gilford. Without their help, police say this case would not have had such a successful resolution.

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