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Student Dies At Discovery Elementary School

PALM BAY, Florida – Palm Bay Police Detectives with the Major Case Unit are continuing to investigate the death of a 13-year-old girl, Promise Turner, that occurred Tuesday.
At 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Palm Bay Fire Rescue responded to Discovery Elementary School for reports of a child that had collapsed and was not breathing.   When paramedics arrived they immediately began attempts to revive the child who was transported to Palm Bay Hospital.  At 9:36 a.m. doctors pronounced the child deceased.
Palm Bay Detectives are currently working with the medical examiner to determine the cause of death and are interviewing witnesses and family members to determine the circumstances prior to the incident.  Police say that the child had medical issues that may have played a role in her death and the investigation is ongoing.

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  • My kids go to this school, my daughter knew this little girl. The "medical problem" she had should have been taken a little more seriously by the teacher and the principle. I pray for her family right now. How hard it must be to loose such a sweet little girl.

  • My 2 boys go to Discovery Elementary, one for which was in Promise's grade. I remember seeing her in the office when i was checking them out early, she left such an impression. she asked how old my daughter was and said she was cute.. then I was over hearing a conversation she was having with the Secretary. All I kept thinking was wow what a bright and mature young lady she is. My heart brakes for her family what a tragic loss. We will continue to keep Promise and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Since no one has confirmed what happened to this child, it is impossible to speculate. But it's not an "accident" if a food allergic person has a reaction without life-saving medicine--unless they forgot it at home or the injector did not work? Benedryl is not life-saving medicine--if that is the mystery medicine? Schools should know that fact by now even if parents are not getting the proper information from their doctors. They have fire-extinguishers. They should have epipens. If a child is epi-resistant, then they should have the substitute. Maybe they did? No one knows? Maybe she just choked and it had nothing to do with food allergy?I hope the family chooses to share what happened with the public to avoid more deaths. What a profound loss.

  • Your family misses you Promise. Heaven is blessed with your loving presence. Rest in paradise sweetheart

  • My sons walked home wit promise almost everday.when I heard I was shocked.and still can't believe it. Everyday I ride pass house I say we miss you promise. She was so polite and sweet.i still think bout her cause im used to seein her all the time. I still cant believe it. But rip in peace boo soooo sorry and soooo sad. Miss my lil boy johnathan also since u guys moved.

  • I too heard it was a peanut allergy but no epi pen at the school. I saw her relatives post about the allergy needing a different kind of resistance, what does that mean? My son has a peanut allergy and has an epi-pen and benedryl at his school. I can't imagine that the office was not given the proper items to help prevent this. Maybe I am off base but if a parent knows of a child's DEADLY allergy shouldn't they do everything in their power to provide it to the nurse at the school? Please don't get me wrong, my heart aches for the family and the friends she left behind. I pray you all can find some comfort in her passing. I am just wondering why she had to DIE??? You are right sugar babies are supposed to be "safe" without peanut or contamination from peanuts, I won't be letting my son eat them anymore-even tho he has in the past with no problem. Peanut allergies are SEVERE and never to be taken lightly. Discovery is NOT a peanut free school as most aren't...why can't schools be more involved in that is beyond me. If they know it "kills" then rid the premises of it and anything with a warning on the packaging. I worry about my son everyday he is at school, altho his teacher keeps their classroom peanut free doesn't mean he won't come into contact with them. He is very aware of his allergy and even asks "is this safe" and makes grownups check the packaging, since he is still too young to see it and read himself. Nothing is 100% in life, not even if it WAS a peanut free school but I just pray he is safe and other children will be ok also.

  • my cousin promise was the best in the world no one will ever replace her she put a smile to all the turners may god take care of her and put her to rest we luv you promise and we love you

  • One year ago today a beautiful little girl was taken from us. Promise is still dearly missed. RIP, sweet Cheer Angel.

  • Promise... I miss you so much you based with me 2 cheer seaons ago. I know, our whole team knows you are looking down on us as we look up at you. We know your cheering up there in heaven. Your our cheer angel. <3

  • i was in promises class and we were very close to each ether and ishould say that i love yhu promise yhu is in a better place now and god is taken gud care of yhu and we all love in <3

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