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Wayne Ivey Named to Special Team Reviewing Orlando Missing Mom Case

ORLANDO, Florida — Wayne Ivey, candidate for Brevard County Sheriff, is part of a special team assembled to review evidence and information in the disappearance of 34-year-old Orlando mother Michelle Parker.

Parker, who has three children, disappeared in November on the same day that she and her ex-fiancé were seen in an episode of “The People’s Court,” arguing over a missing engagement ring. The ex-fiancé, father of Parker’s twins, has been considered a suspect, but has not been charged. Parker’s vehicle and cell phone have been recovered.

The team of more than 20 current and former law enforcement officers met last week and plans to meet again. The team was assembled by the Orlando Police Department and FDLE and included law enforcement experts from various fields, to include crime scene investigations and crime lab resources.

A former Resident Agent in Charge from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Wayne Ivey was a co-developer of the concept of S.M.A.R.T., or Specialized Multi-Agency Review Team, which may be deployed in “cold cases.” Ivey stated, “By utilizing experts in their field from various agencies to review and analyze cold case homicides and missing person cases, we are able to develop new ideas and strategies that may solve the case, find the missing person, and bring closure for the family and friends.”

Ivey was supervisor of the Violent Crime Squad when he helped create S.M.A.R.T., targeted at revisiting unsolved homicides in Central Florida. In S.M.A.R.T., “outsiders” and “insiders” in an investigation go over all aspects of a case in the hopes that “fresh” eyes will lead to results. The program saw immediate success by solving the first three cases in Central Florida that were presented. The S.M.A.R.T. program was also used in Brevard County and is credited with helping solve several cold case homicides.

When asked about S.M.A.R.T., Ivey stated, “It was designed to provide additional resources, through partnerships, to agencies that could not work cold cases. The concept was also to give a fresh set of eyes to the case so that tunnel vision would not control the case. New technology and developments in DNA were also considered in developing the program.” Since its initial success, S.M.A.R.T. has been used throughout Florida and was recognized with a statewide award for team concept, innovation, and cost saving measures.

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  • Wayne Ivey is a man who rides on the ideas of others and takes credit for the ideas himself. He is a self righteous SON-OF-A-BITCH. If he worked near the idea it was either his idea or he was the co-developer.I call BS on Wayne Ivey he is all about himself and trying to be almighty. Hey IVEY go to some other county to become sheriff, you know how to do that.

  • I personally know Wayne and have worked closely with him for many years. He is a hard working cop that is relentless in going after criminals. I am glad to see that everything is being done to solve this case as the family needs to know what happened to their daughter.

  • First off, I pray for Michelle and her family. With that said, I am pleased to read that Wayne Ivey has been asked to join the investigative team to help find Michelle. Having worked in law enforcement with Wayne Ivey, I have total confidence in his knowledge, dedication, abilities, and skills. Knowing that he is part of the team should give the family faith and comfort knowing that everything will be done to find their daughter.

  • The assembly of this team is a great investigative tool that brings many years of experience and ingenuity to the table. Wayne Ivey has dedicated himself to law enforcement and is highly respected within the law enforcement community, as well as in the communities he has served. He is an excellent choice for this team, and I sincerely hope they can help bring Michelle home.

  • I have also heard Wayne Ivey has run for Sheriff in another county. Is this true? If so what county?

  • I hope & pray U find her. I don't care who's idea it is, the truth needs to come out so Ms. Stewart and her grandchildren CAN INDEED have closure. My prayers are with U, all the way!! I hope U can match up that mysterious location that showed up on the son's phone, that named a place, Waterford, I think, and see if it does match the location of the ping at THAT specific time. She wouldn't lie about her location, someone else would. There was a small window of opportunity after the food purchase. Was that purchase on her card? Was it for someone else; was she sent on an errand? If so, by whom? I did wonder about the people sitting in the courtoom the day of the taping. I sent my concern to a writer in a Florida newspaper, and it turned out to be a broken link. I figured the police would think of this, and heck ... U did!!!! I feel so bad for Ms. Stewart, and Michelle's oldest son ... also what a coincidence that Mr. Smith's two "unwanteds" are out of his life!! I fear for the next girlfriend!! I wouldn't trust any member of that family, most specially the father, Smith Sr., who's eyes are a physical thing that create learning difficulties, but also VERY TROUBLED PEOPLE. Ask any ophthalmologist and psychiatrist!! I wish Ms. Stewart had been allowed to bust down that door when it mattered. I really wish things had gone faster. I wish the police had left her truck in the parking lot it was left in, for someone was possibly intending to come back for it [without the decals]. Police might have been able to apprehend suspect[s].My every instinct tells me she was asked to run errands, food, drugs ... and that she was known to her assaillant. Her phone was found by a river under a bridge. Had anyone checked that area before? Maybe a date on 'when' the phone ended in the water + placing a suspect en route, at that location, that day, by the ping from their cellphone ... I know this is going to ire many and maybe hurt, but what about a new boyfriend? One that might have gotten jealous at hearing that she had just told Mr. Smith [as Mr. Smith states in court] she still had feelings for him. I've watched that court so many times, I almost know it by heart. I hope there is one officer per person sitting in the audience of the courtroom. There was also a segment on the news with respect to iPhones having contracted spyware, where the phones' contents, were obtainable remotely, so maybe look into that. Hopefully, Michelle's phone is infected with spyware and maybe erased materials might be retrieved? If anyone has ideas, please come forward. Why don't we ALL try and get together and brainstorm this out? Thank U kindly for any consideration of this letter!!

  • One last idea, is to have a photograph of each member in the audience. Printscreen works well for that ... though it is time consuming. Save each photograph as a number, each member having been designated somehow by which you know 'who is who.' Open your Google browser, or any chromium-based browser, go to Google Images. Copy each image to the query line, see what comes up? I wrote the letter just above; I forgot to mention if the %5,000 is a 'verified' figure? My own ring is insurable for $6,000. but was purchased for a little over ½-price ...Thank U again, most specially for ideas that people might have that ARE important, other sightings, et al.

  • Wayne Ivey is a man who rides on the ideas of others and takes credit for the ideas himself. He is a self righteous SON-OF-A-BITCH. If he worked near the idea it was either his idea or he was the co-developer.I call BS on Wayne Ivey he is all about himself and trying to be almighty. Hey IVEY go to some other county to become sheriff, you know how to do that.

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