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Boat Explodes In Titusville Marina

TITUSVILLE, Florida — The Florida Wildlife Commission and the State Fire Marshal’s Office are investigating what made a 1987 31-foot Wellcraft inboard motor boat explode at the Titusville Marina this morning.

FWC responded immediately after receiving the call around 11:40 a.m. According to the FWC, there were two men on-board the vessel. They had just finished fueling the vessel up but were still tied to the fuel dock.
As is procedure when starting an inboard motor, the men ran the blowers to clear any fuel fumes before attempting to start the motor. They started the port side motor but the starboard motor wasn’t starting. At the third attempt to start it, the boat blew up.
The 68-year-old owner, Leon Lincoln of Christmas, Florida, was transported to Parish Medical Center in Titusville by EMS ambulance. FWC spokesperson Joy Hill says that he is likely going to be released shortly with mainly some lacerations.
The 75-year-old passenger, Philip Pendleton of Titusville, Florida, was air flighted to Homes Regional in Melbourne, Florida. He is in stable but guarded condition and is alert with no burns.
One of the dockmasters who assisted with the fueling was knocked back from the impact of the explosion but suffered no injury. The men had left Kennedy Point Marina in Titusville, Florida earlier that morning and had stopped to fuel up.

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