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Woman Charged With DUI Manslaughter in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

ORLANDO, Florida — An Orlando woman has been charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide for a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred at 2:40 a.m. this morning on John Young Parkway near Oak Ridge Road in Orlando, Florida.

27-year-old Yetta Maritza Ospina was driving a 2011 Toyota Corolla northbound on John Young Parkway in the center lane while 25-year-old Peter Vergari, also of Orlando, was riding a 2006 Honda motorcycle ahead of the Corolla.

The Florida Highway Patrol says that the Corolla was traveling at a speed greater than the Honda, but that Ospina failed to slow down as she approached the Honda.
The front of the Corolla collided with the rear of the Honda.  The collision caused the motorcycle to overturn on its side.  Vergari was thrown from the motorcycle and came to a final rest in the inside lane of northbound State Road 423.
Ospina was booked into the Orange County Jail.

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  • the bitch has no reason to live another day she took a life someone should take hers i would love to be there cause id take that bitches life in a heart beat

  • If either of my children/grandchild ever died at the hands of a drunk driver, no words/no punishment could ever bring me peace and I grieve with the empathy of a parent for the senseless loss of Peter's beautiful life. I don't know why Yetta drank until she was totally impaired and why she then proceeded to get behind the wheel. There is no defense for that. But I have known Yetta for several years. I know that she is a bright, hard-working, kind and compassionate person. She isn't the person you think she is but to Peter's family and friends I know that means nothing. In horrible judgement,Yetta took a terribly tragic path that will bring recovery to no one, ever. The Yetta I knew, however, will always hold a special place in my heart. She is so worthwhile but I know that's hard for everyone to hear.

  • The unbelieveable pain and grief this person has brought to my son is hard to put into words. My son has lost a best friend and there is nothing I can say to make this pain go away. Please, pray for the family & friends left behind. Wesley's heart is broken, all because someone made the wrong choice Sunday morning.

  • Not to mention she WAS pregnant, she's up for vehicular manslaughter of a viable fetus as well! I don't understand how you could do that to your own unborn baby let alone Pete, so sad & such a waste! To Anonymous @ 7:41 am. Your right it means nothing!

  • peter was a friend if mine...its so sad that he is gone. i was just told that the driver that killed him was pregnant and is being charged with double homicide!!! not cool that u chose to drive drunk and kill my friend but to drink while u are pregnant and kill your child as well!? SHE NEEDS TO PAY!!!

  • they did 2 swabs at the scene and the first one was .159ish...and the second was .166 i believe! well over the limit!!!

  • Thank you everyone for the kindness about Pete. He was a seriously close friend of mine. we grew up together and went to the same schools. I am horrified of this. I was just talking about him last week, then I seen this today. I can;t even find an obituary about him... I need to call his family now.I hope this bitch rots in hell. She needs to be slowly killed in agonizing pain. If she is pregnant... then dear fckn god I hope they take that baby away from her when its born.child for a child. Fck her.Pete was an amazing man. went out of his way for everyone!!=[

  • hope that lady gets what she deserves... she was probly drunk, but thats no excuse... hope the bike drivers ok..

  • First condolancess to him and his family and b 4 we hang the bitch if he had lived what would he have wanted how over the limit was she first offence what was the sercomstancess 4 her 2 get that way does she have kids exc, pick up a stone if u never drove impaired cast it at her if not say a pray there but 4 the grace of god and drop it with all this energy help the families do good help send message bikers are good and carrying yes I do ride and have lost a friend

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