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Great Male/Female Survey 2012: Dating, Politcs, Technology

LOS ANGELES, California — AskMen, the leading men’s lifestyle website, has announced the results of the world’s largest survey of men, the Great Male Survey, now in its sixth edition. AskMen partnered with TresSugar, the sex and culture website of POPSUGAR, for the Great Female Survey, which, with more than 50,000 respondents overall, reveals noteworthy new statistics about the way men and women think about dating, sex, technology, politics and lifestyle.
This year’s political, economical and technological climates have changed the way men and women interact with one another. If there’s a theme to these results, it’s that men are committing to family more than ever before and that women are increasingly committed to their professional lives. Here’s a taste of the eye-opening data collected from the 2012 Great Male/Female Surveys:
Political Gets Personal
When asked which celebrity they would vote for as President of the United States of America, respondents (35% of men and 46% of women) agreed that George Clooney was the best fit for the job.
Men voted Jay-Z in second place (20%), leaving Tom Brady (12%), Louis C.K. (10%) and Dr.Oz (9%) out of the race. Women, however, voted Tom Brady (27%) in for second place. 62% of female respondents believe they will witness a female president in their lifetime.
Every man needs a good wingman, and who better than one of the two presidential nominees? 79% of men picked Barack Obama over Mitt Romney as wingman material, and 70% of women chose Michelle Obama over potential First Lady Ann Romney as their brunch pal. Talk about a power couple!
The Better Man Meets The Powerful Woman
57% of men stated that nothing is more important to them than being a great father and husband who takes care of his family. 49% of women found that being a “real woman” has to do with being attractive, being a great lover and having financial independence.
Men in 2012 aren’t just after 20-somethings. Forty-year-old Sofia Vergara was voted AskMen’s Most Desirable Woman in the 2012 edition of the Top 99. And this year’s Great Male Survey results revealed that 39% of men believe that women lose their looks sometime after the age of 40. A whopping 22% of women say men never lose their looks.
When Dating Gets Tech-tual
AskMen can finally confirm that 53% of women and 37% of men have used technology to send sexy photos of themselves to a partner. 83% of men say they would never share the photos, while 31% of women say they would let friends peek!
It seems as though men and women’s online personas are becoming as important as their real-life ones. When it comes to “pre-stalking” a potential partner online, 78% of men say they use the internet to gain information on prospective partners, while 31% of women say they don’t “pre-stalk” at all. Looks like those Facebook posts could get you dumped before the first date!
Inside The Male and Female Brain
62% of men believe in the existence of aliens. With the popularity of vampire movies and TV shows in the last few years, it comes as a surprise that 0% of women believe in the potential existence of vampires.
Ever thought men would pick education over sex? When it comes to future hologram use, 30% of men are anticipating the educational benefits of the technology, rather than potential holographic pornography (14%).
29% of men said that if they could, they would punch their boss in the face. What comes as a surprise is that 49% would much rather punch their colleagues in the face.
When asked which body part men think women appreciate the most in them, 40% of men chose abs, but according to the survey, men’s arms (27%) are most appreciated by women.
Grooming and Fashion
is the most fashionable continent, according to both men and women. Italian men rank up there as the most stylish (50%), while women believe France has the most fashionable women (38%).
When it comes to expressing their personality through fashion, 30% men say they wear colorful socks to stand out.
When it comes to lavish spending, men are willing to splurge on cologne (59%) over any other grooming product.
While it might be expected that women dress to impress men, 35% of female respondents say they actually dress to impress other women. But the large majority of men surveyed dress to impress women (77%).
James Bassil, the editor-in-chief of AskMen, says, “The results of this year’s Great Male Survey illustrate how men are striving in every aspect of their lives to become ‘better men.’ Whether it’s becoming a better father, lover, colleague or member of their community, men are adapting to the changing climate and turning more and more to family to seek happiness and fulfillment. However, we’re happy to hear aliens are still keeping men up at night! Additionally, we are happy to have teamed up with TresSugar to create a survey that will enhance men’s understanding of the female mind.”
“We’re thrilled to offer the women’s perspective for this insightful survey,” says Annie Scudder, Editor of TresSugar. “A modern woman balances her career, personal life and values technology to stay connected with friends and family. We’re also waiting for the day George Clooney gets elected President!”

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