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Two Critically Injured In Merritt Island Motorcycle Accident

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida – The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting that 23-year-old Matthew Harrington and 24-year-old Jennifer Postel, both of Cocoa, Florida, are in critical condition after a vehicle accident that occurred around 2:10 a.m. this morning on State Road 528 in Merritt Island, Florida.

29-year-old Kaitlyn Senkiew of Orlando, Florida was driving a 2007 Nissan Altima westbound on State Road 528 (also known as the Beachline) in the area of mile marker 52.  Senkiew was coming up on a 1978 Honda motorcycle driven by Harrington that was also traveling westbound on S.R. 528.

FHP says that Senkiew failed to slow the Altima behind the motorcycle.  The front of the Altima then struck the rear of the motorcycle.  The Altima continued to travel westbound on S.R. 528 with the motorcycle under the front of the Altima.

Harrington and his passenger, Postel, were thrown from the motorcycle and came to a final rest on the north paved shoulder.  Both were taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida.

The Altima traveled onto the north shoulder, striking a guardrail with its right side.  The Altima came to a final rest partially in the outside land and partially on the north shoulder facing west with the motorcycle still underneath the front of the Altima.

FHP is still investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the accident as to Senkiew.

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  • Jennifer postel is my best friend all who reads this please pray for her and Matt :'(

  • Terribly saddening to see this sort of behavior when this poor woman is fighting for her life. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

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