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Volusia Sheriff's Office Conducts Crime Sweep

DELTONA, Florida — The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office conducted ‘Operation Summer Rain’ Friday – a law enforcement sweep designed to target hot spots known for burglaries, robberies, drug activity and dangerous driving in Volusia County.

Friday’s crime suppression enforcement was actually the second phase of the operation. The first phase was conducted in June. And deputies say that Friday’s outcome was equally successful, resulting in a series of drug and burglary arrests as well as the seizure of three guns.
In addition to saturation patrols and aggressive traffic enforcement, Sheriff’s investigators based in Deltona, Florida also were out in force on Friday as part of the operation to bring several cases to fruition. Narcotics investigators arrested 18 people as part of an ongoing drug investigation.
Deputies say the arrest of three juveniles on Friday is expected to clear about a dozen car break-ins along with a related auto theft. A fourth juvenile is being sought. The juveniles have been linked to vehicle break-ins all around Deltona, including Gramercy Drive, Norvell Court, Barbarossa Avenue, Utah Drive, Gimlet Drive, Piper Terrace, Humphrey Boulevard, Hayward Avenue, Sweet Springs Street, Navaree Drive, Carmona Court, Tracy Lane and Hamden Street. The theft suspects allegedly grabbed pretty much anything of value that they could get their hands on, such as stereo amplifiers, a guitar, a portable DVD player, a GPS, radar unit, tools, golf clubs, wallets and even loose change.
In total, Volusia deputies filed 61 felony charges and three misdemeanor charges on Friday. One person was arrested after being found to have an open warrant for a probation violation associated with a prior conviction for retail theft. Other criminal charges included possession of hydrocodone, possession of marijuana, open container and driving with a suspended license. Deputies also issued 32 traffic citations and five criminal citations during the operation.
The Volusia County Sheriff’s department added that more operations are planned in the future.

Also on Friday, the Brevard Sheriff’s Office Conducted Precription Drug Sweep

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