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WESH Channel 2 No Longer On Bright House Cable

ORLANDO, Florida — WESH/WKCF’s carriage agreement with Bright House expired last night at 11:59 p.m., leaving Brevard County Bright House viewers without the ability to watch the local Central Florida NBC affiliate.

In its Notice for Bright House subscribers, WESH Channel 2 issued the following statement:
Unfortunately, notwithstanding our best efforts to reach a new carriage agreement, we were unable to do so. As a result, unless there is a change in Bright House’s position, carriage of WESH/WKCF will no longer be available to you on Bright House systems.
We cannot predict if or when discussions with Bright House will resume or if or when WESH/WKCF’s programming will be restored on Bright House systems.
Our full coverage of the Olympics starts on Friday, July 27.
In light of this impasse, we urge viewers to make alternative arrangements for receipt of our signal. Our signal remains available over the air for free and also on other cable systems, DIRECTV and DISH Network.
We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your loyal support.
You can determine the type of antenna you will need to receive our signal at
You can also watch WESH 2 News online at
Customer service numbers for other providers carrying our signal include the following:
DIRECTV: 1-888-777-2454

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DISH Network: 1-800-823-4929
AT&T U-verse: 1-800-288-2020
Verizon FIOS: 1-888-591-6075

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