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Britney Spears, Nancy Sinatra Tweet Mars Rover

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover had its share of celebrity tweets this week since its landing on the Red Planet.
First, Britney Spears tweeted to Curiousity on August 14, “So @MarsCuriosity… does Mars look the same as it did in 2000?” which was followed with a link to the short space-themed clip of Britney’s Oops! I Did It Again video.
Curiosity’s answer to Britney’s tweet: ” @britneyspears Hey Brit Brit. Mars is still looking good. Maybe someday an astronaut will bring me a gift, too. Drill bits crossed ;)”
Then, last night on Friday August 17, Nancy Sinatra tweeted, “Hey, Curiosity. Thanks for liking my dad’s music!! He’s been to the moon so why not Mars too?!!”
To which Curiosity replied, “Fly me to the moon, play among the stars, see what spring is like on Jupiter & Mars? That’s @NASA‘s #GRAIL, @NASAJuno & me!”

Curiosity’s tweet quotes lyrics from Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon while also proudly showing that NASA has active missions on the Moon (GRAIL), Jupiter (NASAJuno), and Mars (Curiosity).

Nancy Sinatra then quipped, “That response from @MarsCuriosity is out of this world!! ;)”
NASA and Nancy Sinatra’s father, Frank Sinatra, have a shared history in the golden age of American pop culture during the height of the Space Race.  Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon was played on the moon (alluded to in Nancy Sinatra’s first tweet) during the Apollo 11 landing.

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