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Free 'Send To Kindle' for Google Chrome

Black Friday 2013: Best Buy Price for Kindle Fire HD – $99

Amazon announce a new Kindle app named “Send to Kindle for Google Chrome” which allows users to send news articles, blog posts and other web content to Kindle from your Google Chrome browser.

Amazons says that the Send to Kindle for Google Chrome “makes web articles easier to read – we send just the content you want and not the distractions.”  In other words, not the advertising.

Amazon adds that support for Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari is coming soon.

The feature also allows Kindle owners to archive content their Kindle library, where they can re-download it at any time.

Users can download archived content fromtheir Kindle Library on Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle for Android, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone and Kindle for iPod Touch.

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome can be downloaded here.

Source: Amazon

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