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Hurricane Preparedness: Extra Cell Phone Battery

MIAMI, Florida — As Tropical Storm Isaac (soon to be Hurricane Isaac) approaches the Florida peninsula, there is one item that was not included on the 2012 NOAA Hurricane List that many Floridians may find handy – an extra cell phone battery.

Since it has been several years since a hurricane has directly hit Florida, many Floridians may forget just how much they rely on their cell phone for communications, the internet, and news updates.

However, if the electrical power is out for a long duration, charging that overused cell phone during an emergency could become urgent.

Of course the secondary charging source would be the cell phone user’s car – but that runs the risk of running down the car battery when the car is needed for transportation in an emergency setting.

Running the car could keep the car battery charged during a hurricane while you charge your cell phone, but if the electricity is out locally, gas station pumps will not work to fill your gas tank up (if there is gas left).

With more than 48 hours notice before Hurricane Isaac hits Florida, Floridians are still able to either order an extra cell phone battery online and have it shipped before Hurricane Isaac arrives, or visit their local cell phone store if the cell phone battery is in stock.

NOAA: Hurricane Isaac To Hit Southwest Florida

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