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Melbourne Psychologist: Change Your Life, Not Your Wife

Dr. Tony Ferretti

MELBOURNE, Florida — Who doesn’t struggle to balance work and life?  Most of us do, but too often the “high achievers” among us lose the battle – and their marriages.

Melbourne, Florida psychologist Dr. Tony Ferretti explains how and why this happens in the September 10th issue of First for Women magazine which is available now.  A real married couple shares their story back from the brink of breakup to a healthy loving relationship, and Dr. Ferretti reveals his secrets to modern living and loving.

In his recent book, Change Your Life, Not Your Wife: Marriage-Saving Advice for Success-Driven People, Dr. Ferretti tackles our success-oriented culture head on.  Ferretti says that this guide for high achieving people, susceptible to the succeed-at-work/fail-at-home syndrome, can help couples succeed in their relationships and their lives.

Ferretti describes his practice as a full practice treating success-driven clients with crumbling families – people whose personality traits help them excel at work but harm their relationships.  Ferretti holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi and has over 20 years in practice.

SOURCE Dr. Tony Ferretti

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