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SCRABBLE® Champion Wins $10,000 Prize In Orlando

ORLANDO, Florida — Spread the word.  Nigel Richards, 45, a New Zealand security analyst who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has won the National SCRABBLE® Championship for the fourth time—his third consecutive win—setting two new records.  First prize is $10,000 and bragging rights among the world’s 25,000 tournament SCRABBLE® players.  Richards is also the current World SCRABBLE® Champion.  Richards finished the tournament with a 22-9 record and a +1579 point spread.
David Gibson, 61, a Spartanburg, SC math professor who won the Nationals in 1994 placed second.  Gibson finished with a 22-9 record and +1563 point spread.  In third place was 24 year-old Jesse Day of Berkeley, CA.  Day completed the championship with a 21-10 record and +1789 point spread.
More than 350 word wizards from 41 states and 5 countries played for five days at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL.
Internet coverage including standings, play-along games, color commentary and photos is featured on  For all things SCRABBLE® visit the National SCRABBLE® Association’s website  SCRABBLE® is a trademark of Hasbro in the United States and Canada.

SOURCE National SCRABBLE(R) Championship 

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