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Two Pit Bulls Attack Titusville Police Officer

TITUSVILLE, Florida — A Titusville Police Officer responding to a 9-1-1 hang up call was attacked by two mix-breed pit bulls that reside at 60 Sky Lane in Titusville, Florida.
The police officer was approaching the house when the two canines charged at her from the carport area of the home. The two dogs teamed-up their attack on the officer – biting her legs and arm several times.
Police say that the police officer kept her composure and managed to reach the safety of her patrol vehicle where she summoned the assistance of other officers and medical attention.
Officers arriving on scene observed the pit bulls in the middle of the road dragging chains of 8-to-10 feet in length that were attached to their collars by padlocks.

The injured officer was transported to Parrish Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. She has been released and is at home recovering from her injuries.

Brevard Animal Control has taken custody of the canines and is conducting an investigation into the attack.

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  • Janice,One the money the county has doesn't go toward reconstructive surgeries for victims of dog bites. Two, the "cost" incurred by testing dogs is not as expensive as you think. Right now, I can take hair from my dog and send it into UC Davis and have her DNA processed for under $100 to tell me her genetic ancestry as to what breed/breeds of dog are in her ancestry. I can do the same for my horses as well. If anything, the county/state owes it to dog owners to stop false identification and the spreading of misinformation such as listed in the article above. And if the county pays for the testing then ALL Brevard County Residents will be in some responsible for the tab.That being said, I don't believe that is the right thing for Brevard County Residents to become saddled with the responsibility of paying for another person's negligence. Just as County residents should NOT be made to pay for the reconstructive surgeries of the victims. Instead the person/people who should be made to pay for the testing are the owners and/or those responsible for the dog's care and well being. In that the cost for the testing would be added to the other fees/fines they are required to pay as a result of their negligence and irresponsible behavior that led to the incident occurring in the first place!

  • Wrong.. Pit bulls are NOT highly unpredictable. The ONLY Thing that makes bulldogs "particularly dangerous" are irresponsible owners and irresponsible people in general. They are Not relentless and yes they along with ALL large/medium sized breed of dog can and do cause "huge damage" when they "attack" someone. If you want to see the "reality about the Pit Bull" you should visit the following websites instead of going to someone's blog that has posted nothing more than the author's view/opinion: ••••

  • For one the article is wrong. The dogs are/were NOT pit bulls. The videos that I have seen of the dogs being loaded up into ASE's (Animal Services & Enforcement) truck were Heinz 57 Shepherd mixes with either Husky, Collie, Chow Chow and/or sheltie or other dog breed who's tail is fully and curls up over their back. Secondly bull dogs are not the problem. The problem lies in the abuse doled out by negligent owners and people mistreating the dogs for the purpose of using them in dog fighting where they have beaten, starved, and pump them full of steroids, antibiotics and who knows what else in an attempt to make them vicious and willing to attack other dogs and even people. The final problem lies with people going out on a whim to buy/own a certian breed of dog but have no business owning them in the first place. Which is something that is true of MANY breeds of dog from Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, Poodles and Huskies to German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers. Those people go out and buy the dog for the "cute factor" they saw in the movie or T.V. show they watched or the Advertisement they saw with the particular dog breed. Yet their fail to realize that with any living pet. Not ALL dogs are appropriate for all living situations and personalities. If you're a type B person you don't want to have a Type A breed as the type A breed needs a Type A person who will give them the structure, discipline, exercise needs in order to raise the dog to be a "good pet". That being said, ANY dog, no matter the breed, who does NOT receive proper care, socialization and training can become a "dangerous" dog!

  • DNA tests? Are you gonna pay for all those dna tests? Money is better spent helping the victims pay for their reconstructive surgeries dont you think?

  • Way to poorly represent yourself and the breed, buddy. You are what's wrong with pit bull's image. Congrats on your mastery of the English language to make your point known.These poor dogs were the victims of neglect and not properly socialized. If it was 'thug' to own black labs, the headlines of this story would read differently. Any dog can break down when placed in an environment such as this.It should be a requirement in Brevard County, and all others, to do a DNA test on ALL bite dogs. All too often dogs are branded as "pit" or "pit mix" when genetically they have little to no bully breed in their makeup. Perhaps then a true pattern may emerge among bite dogs, say containing Y% of X breed. Though those results are nullified by people who neglect and abuse.

  • hope the officer is fine and gets the privledge to put a bullet thru both dogs heads and file the charges to the max to the retarded owner.

  • Regardless of how well they behave with owner's children they often attack neighbor's children, friends or relatives or strangers. It's the nature of the breed. They don't ban poodles and Labrador Retrievers. Of course the owners are at fault too.

  • Two things make pit bulls particularly dangerous even to their owners: they are highly unpredictable, and they are relentless and capable of huge damage when they attack. See the reality at About Pit Bull (

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