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Deputy Fire Chief Fired For Pocketing $100

COCOA BEACH, Florida — Cocoa Beach Deputy Fire Chief Guy Wine has been fired by Cocoa Beach City Manager Charlies Billias for allegedly pocketing $100 from a resident which was intended to buy the a fire crew a thank you dinner for rescuing a Cocoa BEach resident trapped in an elevator.
The text of the termination letter follows:
Dear Mr. Wine:

On September 20, 2012, you were provided written notice of your proposed termination from employment based on an incident where you accepted $100 from a resident on September 1, 2012 that was intended to be used to buy a crew a “thank you” dinner. You failed to turn in the money in question for approximately three weeks despite the resident following up and being asked about the money by two Fire Captains. Only after you were confronted by the Fire Chief did you turn in the money.

On September 25, 2012, you were given the opportunity to meet with me and show cause why you should not be terminated from employment as proposed. Having considered your response at the show cause meeting and the facts and circumstances surrounding the Incident, I have decided to move forward with your termination from employment as proposed. Your actions have upset the resident, and shaken the trust and confidence of the Fire Department staff. The City relies on those in leadership positions to set a standard and example for all employees. Your failure to adhere to these standards leads to this unfortunate, but necessary decision. As such, you are hereby notified that your employment with the City of Cocoa Beach is terminated effective immediately for violation of the City’s Ethics policy, and the City’s Conduct and Work Rules relating to the appropriate possession of property, violation of personnel polices, and unsatisfactory conduct.

Payment for your accrued PTO (paid time off) balance will be included in a second check issued on Friday, October 5, 2012, provided all City issued equipment has been returned to the Fire Department. Please contact Chief Duckworth for a list of unaccounted property issued to you. This payout is being made on a purely ex gratia basis, and in no way constitutes a waiver of the City’s position that your employment has been terminated for cause.

Your elected benefits will conclude at the end of September, and no deductions will be withheld from your final paycheck, other than your required pension contribution. You will receive continuation/COBRA paperwork from Ceridian, our third party vendor, to the home mailing address on file with the City of Cocoa Beach. Please contact the Personnell Department if you have questions regarding your benefits. Please also contact Debbie Grant in the police department at 321-868-3271 to discuss your pension options.


Charlies Billias
City Manager

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