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Rosh Hashana 2012 Begins At Sundown

The Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah begin Sunday September 16, 2012 and continue through September 22, 2012.

Some of the observances and traditions during those days include (varies among differing practicing sects):

Sunday September 16, 2012:
Women and girls light candles to usher in the Jewish New Year. Fruit dipped in honey, head of fish, ram, or other kosher animal is eaten.

Monday September 17, 2012:
Women and girls light candles. Fruit is dipped in honey and eaten.

Tuesday September 18, 2012:
Synagouge attendence for the hearing of the shofar. Shabbat preparation and cooking.

Wednesday September 19, 2012:
Fast of Gedaliah for all men and women above the age of bat mitzvah. Pregnant and nursing women do not have to participate in the fast.

Saturday September 22, 2012:
Shabbat meals are eaten.


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