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Shepard Smith "Sorry" For Live Broadcast of Suicide

FOX NEWS anchor Shepard Smith apologized to viewers after FOX NEWS broadcasted a suicide live on TV on Friday, September 28, 2012, at the conclusion of a car chase near Phoenix, Arizona.

During the video which actually shows the suicide, Smith comments as the man exits his vehicle and runs away on foot, “He looks a little disorientated… It’s always possible the guy could be on something.”

Just as Smith finishes that statement, the man stops, cocks back a handgun, points it to the right side of his head, pulls the trigger, and falls forward. In the background, viewers could hear the stage crew exclaim, “Woooah.”

Smith repeatedly says,”Get of it.” Followed by a genuine look of disappointment as he realized the live feed made the air.

The first YouTube video included in this article shows Shepard Smith after the suicide where he apologizes.

The second YouTube video actually shows the events leading up to, and including the suicide. WARNING the second video is graphic and only this link will be provided.

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