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Disposal of Hurricane-Prep Yard Trimmings In Brevard

BREVARD COUNTY, FL — In preparation for the possible storm impact from Hurricane Sandy in Brevard County, Waste Management advises that, as of noon today, all services are operating on their normal schedules this week.

Residents who have concerns about trees or limbs that could potentially threaten persons or property are advised to place their trimmings at the curb on their regular collection day only.

WM requests that residents only trim where it could pose an imminent threat in a high wind situation.

Residents are also advised that commercial landscape and tree trimming contractors are required, by Brevard County and municipal ordinances, to haul away any trimmings they generate. These requirements have been in place for years and are observed by most contractors. It is critically important in periods where high volumes of yard waste are likely that residents ensure their licensed contractor abides by the ordinance requirements.

Trimmings placed at the curb are required to be cut to the following limits: four feet in length, 12 inches in diameter and no more than 50 pounds per piece. These requirements are necessary to protect WM collection crews from injury during the collection process, so assistance is appreciated.

Waste Management’s Customer Service Center is available during regular business hours at (321) 636-6894 (north Brevard), (321) 723-4455 (south Brevard), and via live chat online at Inquires can also be emailed to

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