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"Thank You" To Lowes From Courtney Nash Family

Open “Thank You” Letter To Lowes Home Improvement From Courtney Nash Family:
“Students at Oak Park Elementary School in Titusville honor the life of Courtney Jean Nash, a former student and attempting to spread the dangers and awareness of this deadly brain eating Amoeba (Naegleria Fowleri also know as PAM Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis).”
These students, 3rd grade Benjamin Bisbee and Ariel Quinney 4th grade Jacey Bisbee and Delaney Lumpkin 5th grade Austin Carmichael, Jordyn Radney and Jade ray and 6th grade Morgan Juarez under the direction of their teacher Marc Juarez and Principal Ron Dedmon undertook a community project. What a project that was!!! They established at their school the “Courtney Jean Nash Outdoor Learning Pavilion.” Not only did this project honor their former student but it is used as a learning project to protect other students from Courtney’s fate.
Courtney’s life ended at the tender young age of 16. She went swimming just days before her junior year in High School August 2011. It was in the St Johns River that Courtney would come into contact with the deadly Amoebia which in just days claimed her life.
In honor of Courtney’s memory these students worked together to erect this memorial. They received a grant from Lowe’s to help with this project. Next it was all hard labor together with dedication they layed bricks and planted their garden of life. In the garden they are growing assorted fruits and vegetables to help others in need. There is also a shadow box of pictures and information of Courtney’s life and favorite outdoor activities and information on what Amoeba’s are and how they can effect your life.
These caring young students covered many things in their project. They honored a very special young girl, they learned how to apply and receive a grant (“Thank you Lowes”), how to plant and maintain a garden. They are also teaching others about this deadly Amoeba and how to protect yourself. One of the things they didn’t have to learn was loving and caring. This comes natural to them. These kids, teachers and families our future may very well be the best yet.
Courtney’s family (P.J. Nash-Ryder, Bret Ryder and Ethan Nash) and entire family sincerely appreciates all the time, love and effort that was put into this labor of love project. We cannot thank the community enough for the continued support and prayers…………… God Bless you all!!!!!

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtney Nash Family

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