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Watch Space Shuttle Atlantis Move Live Online

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida – At Kennedy Space Center in Florida, space shuttle Atlantis is moving down Kennedy Parkway, leaving behind the Vehicle Assembly Building. Atlantis began the 10-mile move to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at about 6:30 a.m. EDT. NASA and contractor shuttle employees carried a banner reading “We made history” as they followed Atlantis out of the Launch Complex 39 area.

The day-long move will bring Atlantis south across the space center, with a stop along the way for a NASA ceremony. The spacecraft then will travel to Space Florida’s Exploration Park for a viewing opportunity for visitor complex guests before departing for its new home. Watch the move live on NASA TV at

Atlantis arrived at Kennedy in April 1985. The spacecraft traveled 125,935,769 miles during 33 spaceflights, including 12 missions to the International Space Station. Its final flight, STS-135, closed out the Space Shuttle Program era with a landing on July 21, 2011. Since then, engineers have been preparing Atlantis for public display as part of NASA’s transition and retirement processing of the space shuttle fleet.

A grand opening of Atlantis’ new home at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is planned for July 2013.


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