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12 Ways To Celebrate 12/12/12

Here are a dozen ways to celebrate December 12, 2012, also known as 12/12/12, the last repeating date of the Century. For those who really want to celebrate the day, these activities could start at 12:12:12 p.m.:

1. Bake a dozen cookies
2. Buy a dozen roses
3. Drink a 12-pack of beer.
4. Make a dozen devil eggs.
5. Watch ‘The Dirty Dozen’ classic World War II movie.
6. Buy a watch or clock with face and hands.
7. Make a list of a dozen possible New Year’s resolutions.
8. Make a sun dial.
9. Watch ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ family movie.
10. Collect federal reserve notes (dollars, 5’s, etc.) printed from all 12 regional banks.
11. Sing the 12 days of Christmas (which coincidentally also begins today).
12. Create a 12 item scavenger hunt.

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