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Astronaut High School Project Graduation In The Toilet

TITUSVILLE, Florida –  While most fundraisers sell cookie dough, wrapping paper, candy, or other high-priced and high-calorie items,  Astronaut High School’s Project Graduation decided to take a more practical approach by selling something that absolutely everyone needs – toilet paper and paper towels.

“At $1 per roll of paper towels and $.29 per roll of toilet paper, we feel that our fundraiser is really more of a supply system than the traditional “overcharge to make money” model used by other fundraisers,” said Astronaut co- organizer Jen Hildreth. “This way, we can raise the money we need by simply supplying people with quality products they’ve already budgeted for.  People can support our cause without reaching into their wallets for money they weren’t planning on spending.”

Project Graduation’s senior party is a long standing tradition designed to keep students from underage drinking and driving at house parties by offering them a party that they won’t want to miss.  Organizers say that providing an event for seniors to celebrate their graduation is an expensive proposition that takes help from a community to make it happen.

“The seniors will be reaching out to friends, families, and local businesses asking them to stock up on these necessities,” said Astronaut’s other co-organizer, Cindy Barnhart. “For those businesses that order six cases or more, we will hang a “Thank You” banner at the school naming them and thanking them for their participation.  We hope people will spread the word, and will give us a call if they haven’t received an order form.  It’s a great deal for everyone!”

Florida-based PaperFunds will be helping Project Graduation organize the fundraiser.  The sales drive will run through March 19 with product delivery on April 9.
Questions, comments, and orders can be handled through Astronaut’s Jen Hildreth at 321-536-9833 or
Samples and order forms are also available in Astronaut’s front office at 800 War Eagle Blvd., Titusville, FL 32796.

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