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Manhunt Underway For Ex-Cop, Now Suspected Cop Killer

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA: A manhunt is underway in California for an ex L.A.P.D. cop after Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were shot at as they followed a possible homicide suspect in Riverside, California.

On February 7, 2013, around 1:45 a.m., two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were in the area of the 15 freeway and Magnolia Avenue in the Riverside area. The officers were part of a special detail related to the search for Christopher Jordan Dorner, who is wanted by Irvine Police Department for the shooting deaths of Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan that occurred on February 4th.

The LAPD says that a citizen approached the officers and directed them to a vehicle that matched that of Christopher Dorner’s metallic grey Nissan Titan pickup truck. The officers quickly responded to where the vehicle was parked and observed an individual in the vehicle who fit the description of Dorner. The suspect vehicle sped away, and the officers followed as the vehicle entered the 15 freeway near Magnolia Avenue. The suspect then opened fire on the officers while they were in their vehicle, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred. The suspect drove away in his Nissan pickup truck and is currently being sought by LAPD and Riverside law enforcement agencies. It is unknown if Dorner was injured during the shooting.

One officer was killed in the shootout. The other officer sustained a non-life-threatening wound to the head, was treated and remained at the scene of the incident. The LAPD Force Investigation Division responded to the incident and will conduct the officer-involved shooting investigation.

Dorner allegedly published a manifesto on his Facebook page where he says he was fired after reporting that LAPD Seargent Teresa Evans had kicked a suspect twice in the chest and once in the face while Dorner was handcuffing the suspect.
In the lengthy manifesto, Dorner anticipates that he will become newsworthy where he asks, “Journalist, I want you to investigate every location I resided in growing up. Find any incidents where I was ever accused of being a bully. You won’t, because it doesn’t exist.”
Photo Credit: Irvine Police Department

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