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City of Cocoa Water Well Tests Positive For E-Coli

COCOA, Florida — On April 5, 2013, the City of Cocoa learned that one of its wells tested positive for E-Coli. This sample was taken prior to any treatment or disinfection. Officials say that no immediate health risk exists and customers do not need to boil their water because the drinking/tap water has been thoroughly treated and is safe to drink.

The City of Cocoa has shut down the well immediately upon discovery of the presence of E-Coli. This well will not return to service until it has been rehabilitated, disinfected, and test show the absence of E-Coli.

Although no immediate health risk exists, the City of Cocoa says it is important for residents to know that inadequately treated or inadequately protected water may contain disease-causing organisms. These organisms can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, cramps, and associated headaches. E-Coli are microbes whose presence indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes. Microbes in these wastes can cause short-term health effects, such as diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms. They may pose a special health risk for infants, young children, some of the elderly, and people with severely compromised immune systems.

The City of Cocoa is issuing this notice as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in accordance with Environmental Protections Agency’s (EPA) Groundwater Rule.

The Brevard County Health Department has been advised of the situation and concurs that no health risk is associated with our drinking water.

The City of Cocoa provides drinking water to the following Brevard County communities:

Port St. John, Canaveral Groves, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Suntree, Viera & North Melbourne.

Consecutive Systems are: City of Titusville, Patrick Air Force Base, NASA, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Great Outdoors.

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