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First Responders Hold Mass Casualty Drill At Melbourne Airport

MELBOURNE, Florida — Brevard County Fire Rescue (BCFR) participated in a mock disaster drill at the Melbourne Airport today. In addition to BCFR, the drill included representatives from the airport, airlines, local law enforcement, local fire departments and hospitals. The drill is particularly important in that first responders must be prepared to protect passengers and the public.

BCFR spokesperson Lieutenant Don Slayman said in an email that, “Any multi-agency response requires a great deal of planning and coordination. This interagency coordination was tested during the Federal Aviation Administration’s mass casualty exercise.”
Today’s mock incident involved a fuel spill and fire at the airport as more than 100 passengers boarded an aircraft. To add to the reality of the drill, more than 100 volunteers from the community played the roles of victims and family members.


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