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Florida Flying Car Crashes In Canada

DUNNELLON, Florida — A flying car manufactured in Dunnellon, Florida crashed near a school in British Columbia, Canada, the Canadian Press reported yesterday.
According to the company’s website, the inspiration for the flying car, called the Maverick, is for Christian missionaries to reach  ‘primitive’ regions of the world to spread the Gospel where transportation is “sorely lacking, where roads are expensive, difficult to maintain, and impractical.”  The Maverick is the creation by the non-profit organization known as the Indigenous Peoples’ Technology and Education Center (I-TEC). 

The Maverick has an airspeed of 40 MPH and a highway speed of up to 100 MPH according to its manufacturer, Beyond Roads L.L.C., which was granted the manufacturing rights for the Maverick.  The flying car’s design includes a roadster-style body with a rear propeller and uses a “soft wing” for air lift that is similar to para-gliders.
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