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Kaitlyn Hunt Rejects Florida State Attorney's Plea Offer

SEBASTIAN, Florida — A Sebastian River High School Senior, 18-year-old Kaitlyn “Kate” Hunt, who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old Sophomore who attended the same school, has rejected a plea deal made by a Florida State attorney which would have labeled Hunt a sex offender.

According to Kate’s mother, who has created an online petition to ask the State Attorney to drop the charges, “The two girls began dating while Kaitlyn was 17 but her girlfriend’s parents blamed Kailtyn for their daughter’s homosexuality.  They waited until after Kaitlyn turned 18 and went to the police to have charges brought against her.”

However, the arrest affidavit alleges that Hunt began the relationship with the 14-year-old girl in November 2012 and that the two engaged in sexual activity before Christmas 2012 through January 2013 when the girl ran away from home.  Kaitlyn turned 18 on August 14, 2012.

Kate’s mother goes into greater detail of her side of the story on a “Free Kate” Facebook group:

“At the beginning of this school year, she started dating a fellow student, who happened to be another female.  This girl also played varsity sports, was in the IB program, so she was in classes with upperclassman… They were both students in the same high school, it was a mutual consenting relationship on both parts. This was unusual for Kate, she has always dated boys, but being the kind of mother I am, I didn’t want to make it a big deal.  I talked to her about it, and figured it was just a social thing, times have changed and a lot of kids are experimenting, so I didn’t make much of it…

On Saturday February 16th, our family’s world was shattered and our daughter’s nightmare began. The police came to our home and arrested my daughter, put her in hand cuffs and we had no idea why.  They refused to tell us anything at first because she had turned 18.  Kate was ripped out of our arms, terrified, crying hysterically.  My younger daughter was there at the time, my husband and myself, we were mortified. They finally told us she was being arrested on “probable cause.”  I asked them probable cause of what, they said sexual battery on a person 12-16 years old.  My heart dropped, I knew then that it had to have been her girlfriend’s parents. These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak to us, didn’t try to get the school involved to speak to us and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating, not one single word. Instead, they set out their vengeance and had my child arrested on FELONY charges. The nightmare continued. Kate was bailed out and sat in front of a Judge. He told her she could continue going to school, but was to have no contact with her girlfriend.  I went to the school and spoke to them, let them know what was going on, I wanted to make sure there was no issues or problems.

It is Kate’s senior year, she only had a few months until graduation and we wanted her to finish. The school was very supportive, they all know and loved Kate.  They told us that the other girls parents had already come in and wanted Kate to be expelled, they told them no, they wouldn’t do that. The parents didn’t like that, so that petitioned the court and asked the judge to remove Kate from school, even though the Judge already ruled Kate could continue school.  We sat in front of the Judge again, and the judge ruled yet again that Kate could continue going to school, he didn’t feel like Kate was any threat at all. Those parents wouldn’t give up.  They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious zeolites that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another.  They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter.”

After the increased media attention and stories on the internet, the underage girl’s parents gave their side of the story in an exclusive interview to South Florida CBS affiliate WPEC which can be seen in the video below.


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  • Kaitlyn Hunt’s Parents – Aiding and Abetting Their Daughter to Commit Statutory Rape?A question that has not been addressed regarding this case is the role of this predatory lesbian's parents. By the little information that has been reported, they encouraged their daughter, Kaitlyn Hunt, to target and groom underage girls for homosexual exploitation and statutory rape – something we can presume many other liberals parents also do.Whether Kaitlyn’s parents can be legally defined as "aiding and abetting" in these harmful actions is a question for the justice system. But in practice, that is exactly what they seem to have done by the information reported. Apparently they had knowledge that their daughter was targeting girls for homosexual activity, they think this is normal, they encouraged it, and they counseled her to do it if she wanted to. Moreover, they did not report their daughter to authorities after her alleged statutory rape. If this wasn't enough, they adamantly want their daughter not to be prosecuted for the alleged statutory rape. In other words, they want their daughter to commit statutory rape of girls, as often as she likes, targeting as many kids as she wants, with total impunity. It’s clear that people defending homosexual statutory rape clearly espouse morally corrupt views on sexuality and work to destroy protections ensured by the law against child sexual exploitation and perversion.

  • Re: I didn't see the word 'consentual' in Alessandra's frightening rant."Do you think 14 year olds can meaningfully consent to sex with adults?

  • Re: "I'm guessing she was a blonde before she dyked out LOL"Notice the tattoos in the photo? They are not listed in her booking record. I can only conclude dying her hair blonde and having a series of professional portraits taken is part of the post-arrest effort to make herself seem sweet and innocent.

  • Not sure what all the fuss is about. The law is clear. Hunt broke the law. The cops have her messages to the victim stating she knew she was wrong and she knew she could get into trouble for it. An adult raped a minor. Case closed. Get a grip people.

  • Just another attempt of the homosexual agenda try to normalize pedophilia...nothing new here

  • LOL I just saw the mugshot of this twisted freak. She's now a short-hair brunette. (I'm guessing she was a blonde before she dyked out LOL).Pedophile deserves what's coming to her!

  • I didn't see the word "consentual" in Alessandra's frightening rant. If these same laws were truly put to all students in American schools, specifically heterosexual students - the jails would be full of children. This younger girl had already fled her unreasonable parents and she CHOSE to stay with Kate as her partner. How does Florida find itself embroiled in so many insane issues? It makes our state a laughing stock in the world. This issue should have never left the two girls family's homes. No on seemed to consider the consequences of reporting this behavior. A young girl's life forever scarred...what a shame.

  • I guess we should ban high schools where these kids, regardless of their orientation can hook up, right? I guess I'm a statutory rapist, since when I was 18 I had sex with my 17 year old girlfriend. Lock me up, as I've been on the loose for 25 years.....

  • It's simple , a 18 year old boy with a 14 year old boy , he goes to jail . A 18 year old girl with a 14 year old girl ,she does not ????? Women deserve equal rights under the law , Period

  • Alessandra -- it's people like you that destroy humanity. It must be a pretty scary place in your head, all those crazy things spinning around in there. I believe they have medication for that. Self-righteous narcissistic paranoia..

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