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Brevard County Child Support Office Moving

MELBOURNE, Florida — The State of Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) announced today that the Child Support Enforcement office is moving from Cocoa to Melbourne.

The move will take place June 27 and 28, 2013.  The new office will be located at 420-A North Wickham Road in Melbourne and will open on July 1, 2013.

For the past few years, DOR has been reducing its square footage usage, moved or consolidated some offices, and negotiated lower rental rates as private leases for its offices expire.  Since 2008, DOR has reduced its square footage usage by 14% across Florida.

One of DOR’s strategies for improving child support customer service is the implementation of a new walk-in service delivery model based on an open floor plan with a walk-up counter, similar to a bank lobby or tax collector’s office.

According to the Florida child support website, the goal of the new service model is to serve customers more quickly and will also decrease the amount of office space needed for walk-in services by an estimated four percent.

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