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Largest Brevard County Prescription Drug Ring Busted During Sweep

TITUSVILLE, Florida — An eight month criminal investigation into a prescription drug ring culminated on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 when the Titusville Police Department, Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration began a county-wide sweep of at least 22 people involved in the alleged criminal activity.

The suspects face charges from Trafficking In Oxycodone (which is a felony) to a misdemeanor charge of battery. Investigators from all three agencies worked side-by-side on this investigation which police say involved tens-of-thousands of prescription pills, controlled substances and – at least in one instance – an act of violence when a battery was committed.

Investigators indicated that some of the prescription pills were allegedly obtained by some defendants from a pain management office in Longwood, Florida that had a search warrant served on it last month. While other defendants allegedly obtained their prescriptions from local doctors. Investigators believe this to be the largest prescription drug ring operating in Brevard County, Florida.

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This investigation resulted in the identification of 22 defendants. The following individuals have been arrested and charged as follows:

Trafficking in Oxycodone, EBT Fraud and Violation of Probation:
David Dye, a black male, DOB 12/06/87

Trafficking in Oxycodone, EBT Fraud and Battery:
Vanessa Francois, a black female, DOB 08/19/93

Trafficking in Oxycodone:
Kim Kent, a black female, DOB 7/25/81
Tracy Kiser, a white female, DOB 1/14/77
Kyle Meister, a white male, DOB 08/13/91
Tony Hammond, a black male, DOB 04/26/88
Marshall Deinger, a white male, DOB 03/13/87
Trafficking in Oxycodone, Driving While License Suspended and Violation of Probation:
LaDarren Green, a black male, DOB 02/02/89
Trafficking in Oxycodone, Hydromorphone and Delivery of Alprazolam:
Thomas Randall, a white male, DOB 07/23/59
Solicitation to Purchase Oxycodone and Possess/Purchase Oxycodone:
Portia Sheppard, a white female, DOB 11/02/92
Victoria Manzo, a white female, DOB 09/24/92
Jasmine Smith, a white female, DOB 07/10/91
Possession/Purchase of Oxycodone:
Krystal Smith, a white female, DOB 06/14/89
Benji Brenneke, a white male, DOB 10/7/75
Sirikarn Sawatdee, a white female, DOB 03/21/86
Solicitation to Purchase Oxycodone:
Kyle Jones, a white male, DOB 08/09/95
Crystal Alton, a white female, DOB 10/17/89
EBT Fraud:
Curtis Guinyard Jr, a black male, DOB 08/19/91
Possession of a Concealed Firearm:
Benjamin Mosely, a black male, DOB 12/16/86

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