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Brevard County, Palm Bay Fire Departments Co-Locate

PALM BAY, Florida – A proposed partnership between Brevard County Fire Rescue (BCFR) and Palm Bay Fire Rescue (PBFR) that co-locates department resources and personnel became a reality earlier this month as BCFR Station 84 was officially moved to PBFR Station 1, located at 1201 Port Malabar Boulevard, NE. This step is the first of three moves designed to improve both level of service and response times for residents of Palm Bay and South Brevard County.
“Shrinking budgets and demands for increased service affect both departments,” Brevard County Fire Chief Larry Collins said. “This sort of innovative thinking, however, demonstrates the agencies’ commitment to operating safely, effectively and efficiently, to the benefit of the citizens of both communities.”

The agreement stems from Harris Corporation’s decision to expand its Palm Bay Road facility. The expansion encompasses the current site of BCFR Station 84 which has created the need to relocate that facility resulting in the movement of several units.

In addition to moving BCFR’s Rescue 84 to PBFR Station 1, BCFR’s Rescue 85 will move to PBFR Station 2; and Palm Bay’s Engine 6 will move to BCFR Station 89 which will also become PBFR Station 6. The new locations will place the emergency units closest to areas of higher call volume, providing for improved response times.

“This agreement creates efficient government and allows us to deliver the best service possible using all available resources,” said Palm Bay Fire Chief Jim Stables. “The citizens in the southwest portion of the city will benefit the most by getting a new station with full response capability right in the heart of their community where it is most needed.”

BCFR Station 60 currently shares a similar co-location agreement with Cape Canaveral, as does BCFR Station 45 and the city of Rockledge.


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