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Port Canaveral Meeting On Closing Popular Boat Ramps

PORT CANAVERAL, Florida — The Canaveral Port Authority wants to close the popular boat ramps located at Freddie Patrick Park next to Grill’s Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar to make room for planned renovations, expansions, and an added cruise terminal to Port Canaveral to accommodate more cruise ships.

The Port Authority will hold two public meetings on Thursday, August 15, 2013, at 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Canaveral Port Authority Maritime Center located at 445 Challenger Road in Port Canaveral, Florida to receive community feedback as to where replacement ramps should be located in the Port.

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Port Canaveral Business Owner: Closing Boat Ramps Not Set In Stone

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  • I seem to remember an assessment for the Port Authority on my property tax bill. Therefore, the money DOES NOT ALL come from the cruise lines. I'll check when I get home and get back to you.

  • The workers are not only not from this country, but they rape and pillage the local Walmart with their earnings, speaking every foreign tongue you have never heard while on cell phones. More cruise ships and taking away the ramps for local boaters and fishermen, would not be a way to promote good business for this area.

  • Hmm, Amazing before the first cruise line arrived in the Port, there was boat ramps. Keep trying to tell everyone the cruise ships are paying for the ramps. These ships in my opinion are pretty useless to the local economy as most of the workers are not from this country.

  • That may be true in the 3rd world countries where the cruise lines pay for the port infrastructure.Turns out those banana republics are better at shaking down the cruise lines than our "1st world" "democratically" elected politicians.You need to read Sen Rockefeller on gubbment subsidies. Cruise cabins get more than Section 8 housing (and they don't report the crimes via WFTV) Watch cruise inc. too.20 years, since the 90s saying how good for the economy, jobs. blah blah. Only jobs are mall and walmart jobs selling boat people workin on cruise lines shopping carts of duty free crap.They stole our geography. 10% of all money going into the port is what Brevard is entitled to.Any commish who doesnt support that is a sellout.Pay up, get out, or shut up.

  • without the cruise lines paying the bills, there would be no boat ramps. We have free boat ramps, because they are subsidized by cruise ship income!

  • Any Port Commissioner that votes for this will have every boater waiving signs and contributing money for his opponent come election day.

  • How the heck do these port commissioners get selected? I have often wondered if decisions were made from graft? The monstrosity monument that welcomes looks like a skeleton of a space craft. It's about time that the commissioners stop looking thru their stomachs and recognize the needs of the local citizenry, not the pocket money from cruise lines.

  • I disagree but I think I understand. The greedy port authority folks need to get the cruise ships closer to their new marketplace.Screw the new marketplace and keep the boat ramp in place.

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