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Osprey Family Nest In Viera Relocated

VIERA, Florida – An Osprey family that built its home atop a traffic signal pole at Stadium Parkway and Viera Boulevard has been successfully relocated to a nearby perch built exclusively to accommodate its extensive nest.

Brevard County’s Public Works/Traffic Engineering and Natural Resources Management departments combined forces on the relocation, which required state and federal permitting since the osprey is a protected migratory bird. Florida Fish and Wildlife has stringent guidelines for removal and relocation of active and inactive osprey nests, which are often built on power poles or other man-made structures.  The guidelines are designed to protect osprey populations from decline.

John Denninghoff, director of Public Works, said crews this week successfully reinstalled the nest on a taller pole just a few yards southwest of where the original nest was built.

“The operation went as planned thanks to the good efforts of our Traffic Operations staff and with the expert help of Sue Gosselin of our Natural Resources Management staff.  She got the required permits for us and helped ensure that we didn’t move the nest too early, that we let the young osprey get old enough to leave the nest.”

Ospreys are strongly attached to nest sites, which is why the relocation is in close proximity to the original nest.

Denninghoff said the relocation was necessary to prevent early replacement of the costly traffic signal mast at the busy intersection, and also to relieve the threat of bird droppings on pedestrians in the area. Denninghoff also said the Viera Company was a critical partner in the relocation.  The company secured the new pole and provide space for the new location for the osprey nest.

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