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Sheriff: Drinkers Have A Choice Of Labor Day Weekend Transportation

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — A Brevard County Sheriff’s cruiser has taken on a new look for Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s DUI prevention campaign. Along with the above photograph of the cruiser, Sheriff Ivey issued the following public safety message:
With Labor Day upon us I wanted to remind everyone to please be responsible and to not Drink and Drive.

Many of us will be traveling to the beach or perhaps a friend, family member, or co-workers house for a backyard barbecue and as always it’s important to remember that if you are going to drink, please do it responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car where you could hurt yourself or someone else.

In line with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office aggressive “Don’t Drink and Drive” Campaign I wanted to share with everyone the concept of our “DUI Car” as part of this week’s Crime Prevention Message.

The “DUI Car” sends a very simple but profound message… You can ride safely home in the backseat of a taxi cab anywhere in Brevard County for about $24.00 or you can ride safely to the Brevard County Jail in the backseat of one of our cars for about $8,000.00 in Attorney’s Fees, Court Costs, Insurance Increases, and Fines. Even worse if you choose to Drink and Drive you could harm or kill yourself or someone else in a traffic crash.

I would like to personally thank Carroll Distributing, Maaco of Cocoa, and Diamondback for partnering with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office to fund the DUI Car and help keep our Brevard County Citizens safe. Please follow the following video link for a brief Public Service Announcement about the hazards of Drinking and Driving:

You can also take advantage of AAA’s Tow and Go Program by visiting their website at:

Sheriff Wayne Ivey

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