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2013 NORAD Santa Tracker, Mobile Apps, Games, Videos

A great way to spend Christmas Eve 2013 with the family and kids is to track Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers his Christmas gifts to all the children.

So you’re picturing your kids now. “How do they track Santa? Do they have Santa on video? What time does Santa start? How does Santa get to everyone in the world?” No worries, the NORAD Tracks Santa website has all the answers to those questions and more. No seriously, every answer for even the most inquisitive child. Even the technical data on Santa’s sleigh for all your future engineering children.
The NORAD Santa Tracker also has free games and activities for children plus Santa Tracker videos.

NORAD Santa Tracker Apps

You can also track Santa for Christmas 2012 with the family from your mobile phone. Send the Android, Windows, or Apple app to your smart phone.

How and Why Does NORAD track Santa?

Basically, NORAD protects against air and missile attacks and tracks everything that moves through the air. The tracking Santa tradition began in 1955 when Sears Roebuck & Co. accidentally misprinted Santa’s telephone number in their catalog, and when NORAD (then CONAD) answered the phone, the director of operations Colonel Harry Shoup had his staff check the radar for Santa’s location.

Now every year NORAD tracks Santa’s flight using satellite, radar, Santa cams, and fighter jets (yes fighter jets, F-15s, F-16s, and F-22s). Santa begins in the South Pacific and travels West from there as he visits every child who believes in him. Santa is able to personally stop at each child on the good list’s house because he experiences time differently than we do. As long as it takes him to visit each and every child only feels like 24 hours to us.

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