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Brevard County Ocean Rescue Wins Beach Patrol of the Year

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — Brevard County Ocean Rescue has been named the 2013 Beach Patrol of the Year by the Florida Beach Patrol Chiefs Association.

This prestigious honor, which has been awarded annually since 1993, is bestowed upon the best agencies in the lifeguard profession in the state of Florida. This is the first time Brevard County Ocean Rescue has won the award, and the department earned the honor this year due to outstanding performance and the many improvements that have been made to ensure the beaches in Brevard County are safe.
James Scala, one of the FBPCA board members whose vote Wednesday helped determine the award recipient, said it was a competitive vote between agencies that were deserving of it for different reasons.

“What I observed about Brevard, there is so much visible progress and development in the last few years that it’s hard not to recognize and applaud the effort,” Scala said. “It’s not just an award for your ocean rescue, it’s an award for your entire county and the leaders who recognize the importance of what ocean lifeguards do in protecting citizens and patrons who visit your beaches.”

Scala said Brevard Ocean Rescue Chief Jeff Scabarozi and Assistant Chief Eisen Witcher are “consummate professionals” who are contributing to the profession of ocean lifesaving.

“The main reason we won this award is all the innovative ideas we are putting forth in Brevard, from our enclosed lifeguard towers, new equipment, the ability to get the EMS grant — all in all making strides since 2008 when we became a full-time organization and turning Brevard into what a year-round lifeguard agency should be,” Scabarozi said.

“For us, it’s exciting to win this award and bring credit to all the hard work that all the staff of Brevard County Ocean Rescue has done. As for the future, there’s not a day that goes by that our staff does not look at how we can improve how we do business and how we can improve the safety of patrons on the beaches of Brevard County.”

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