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Elderly Titusville Woman Attacked By Neighbors' Dogs

TITUSVILLE, Florida — Just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013, the Titusville Police Department was called to the 4500 block of Apollo Road in Titusville, Florida for a report of an elderly female who had been attacked by multiple dogs. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for several injuries as a result of the attack, police say.

The investigation revealed the dogs allegedly belonged to a nearby neighbor and were of mixed breed. Police say that it is not clear at this time how the dogs had gotten loose from their residence but that the owners have been cooperating with Titusville Police and Animal Control.
Although Animal Control has taken custody of one of the dogs, rhere is a second still at large. Officers, Animal Control, and the owners remain on the lookout for the remaining dog.

At this time, police say no criminal charges are pending and Animal Control cited the owners for “Attack Causing Severe Injury” and fined them $1,120.00

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