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Reporters, Cartoonist Wanted

Over the past two-and-a-half years, Brevard Times has produced original video stories and in-depth political analysis that has translated into over 10 million page views and over three-quarters-of-a-million YouTube video views.

As we grow into 2014, Brevard Times is seeking just a handful of talented and intelligent people to join its mission to continue to produce high quality and non-subscription news content for Florida’s Space Coast in a competitive industry that is always undergoing change.
Due to the anticipated high-volume of applicants, general inquiries and other questions will not be answered regarding these positions.

Business, Education, Life Science, Tech, Space, and Breaking News reporters wanted. There are no open positions for political or sports reporters.
Minimum Qualifications:
B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited college or university.  Full-time college upperclassmen may also apply.

A track record of following news stories and demonstrated interest in a particular news category.

A personal computer that is less than 4-years-old.
High speed internet.
Knowledge, active use, and a presence on social media.
A quick-thinking ability to write clearly under time constraints (often an article would be produced in less than an hour, sometimes just minutes, after a story breaks).

Preferred Qualifications (in addition to Minimum Qualifications)

Experience in online reporting or blogging.
An active presence on YouTube.
Interested applicants should send their resumes along with writing samples to


Experience in caricature drawings.  Interested applicants should send their resumes along with a sample caricature drawing to

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