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11th Annual Bargain Sea Oats Sale Has Begun

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida– It is time again to pre-purchase sea oats for dune planting through the annual sea oats sale offered by Brevard County’s Natural Resources Management Department and Keep Brevard Beautiful Inc.

Liner size sea oats are for sale in trays of 96 for $48 while supplies last. Quantities are limited this year so please order early. Sea oats must be ordered and paid for by Friday, Jan. 31, and will be available for pickup on Saturday, Feb. 8.

Sea oats are native to Brevard’s coastal communities and stabilize sand quickly by developing an extensive root and rhizome system that holds onto sand and slows erosion. Sea oats also have the ability to build dunes, as the grassy foliage and tall seed plumes trap windblown sand, which builds up at the plant base and stimulates the plants to grow taller. The dunes that are formed are an important feature of our coastal ecosystem, as they provide habitat for wildlife and protect upland property during wind and storm events.

For more information, call Paula Berntson at (321) 633-2016 ext. 52431, e-mail paula.berntson@brevardcounty.
us or visit the following link:
PHOTO: Sea Oats on Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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