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Andria Kerchner Makes Plea Deal In Barbara Pill Case

Barbara A. Pill
VIERA, Florida — 21-year-old Andria Kerchner entered into a plea agreement today in connection with the 2012 murder of Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill. Kerchner plead guilty to accessory after the fact of a capital felony, grand theft, and burglary and will serve 12 years in prison followed by 1 year of community control and 2 years probation. As part of the agreement, Kerchner has agreed to testify against co-defendant Brandon Lee Bradley.

“This resolution is the result of intensive investigation by law enforcement and by our prosecutors and staff. Both Barbara Pill’s immediate family and her law enforcement family, lead by the investigators on the cases and the Sheriff, were consulted and concurred with our decision,” said State Attorney Phil Archer in a statement.

Archer said the plea agreement “accurately reflects the role Andria Kerchner filled in this senseless tragedy and provides a significant penalty for that role. Legally and strategically, it is the right thing to do.”

Archer also released a transcript of the sworn testimony given by Kirchner. Some of the excerpts follow:

Brandon Lee Bradley

Andria Michelle Kerchner

Before we left we were already — me and Brandon Bradley had already been taking drugs. I was on Xanax — probably a lot of Xanax — stuff called Syrup which is promethazine and codeine, and it’s liquid. And than ï smoke a lot of weed too. So, there’s no telling how much I was on of all that stuff, but I was on a lot; of it.

But I remember like one of us, either: me or Brandon Bradley, had the bright idea that if we leave we should take everything with us. So, we started taking stuff out of the hotel room.

Me and Mr. Bradley started taking stuff out of the hotel room and loading it into a white SUV truck that he had. And it was like stupid stuff. It was stuff that was really stupid actually. It was like bed sheets and anything probably remote. Like anything that was removable was moving.

So, after that I think, like, I don’t remember the guy’s name but somebody came up to us and was asking us what are we doing pretty much. And I’m not sure what I said.

So, after all that we, like, we got in the car. They said they were calling the police. The people that were working at the hotel said they were calling the police. So, we obviously didn’t want to stay for the police to come there and to arrest us. So we both hopped in the car and we started to leave the hotel.

So we’re going down these roads. And Mr. Bradley did not want to go back to prison. He said that if he went to prison it would be like another five years or something. So, he started flipping out. And I was like, okay, well, we’re obviously already in trouble. They’ve already called the police.

So I’m upset that I think I’m going to jail, that he’s probably going to prison. And then he was saying like he’s not going to prison. So, he’s going to do whatever it is that he has to do not to go back to prison including shooting at the officers.

I don’t know what road we were on, but there was already an officer starting to pull us over, which was Officer Pill. He was like, oh, the cracker is already here.

[Bradley said] He’s going to kill these crackers. He don’t. He does not want to go back to prison.

Interviewer: He said those exact words, “I’m going to kill that cracker?”Kirchner: Yes, sir.

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