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Brevard County Mom Arrested For Shaking Baby Syndrome

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida — Brevard County Sheriff’s Agents arrested 19-year-old Victoria Constance Bennett, of 421 Moore Park Lane, Unit A, Merritt Island, for Aggravated Child Abuse. She is currently being held at the Brevard County Detention Center on a No Bond status.

The investigation was initiated after an unresponsive 11-month-old child was brought to the Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach, Florida by the suspect and her husband on Friday, January 3, 2014.
After a preliminary examination, the child was transferred to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. According to BCSO, tests there determined that the child had suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in seizures and partial paralysis. Investigator say the diagnosis was consistent with injuries caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome. It is believed by authorities that the medical effects of the injury are permanent; however, the long term prognosis is not known at this time.
Investigators determined that Bennettt violently shook the baby after becoming frustrated when the child would not eat or stop crying.

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  • She was released from jail yesterday, on PTR or community supervision. Unreal.

  • So out of curiosity where do you find the information about the cases that are misdiagnosed? I realize there may be a few but what is the majority? As the grandmother of a baby boy that was in the hospital for over 48 hours on life support before his abuser finally confessed I have done a lot of reading on shaken baby cases. I have yet to run across a case where there have been charges brought against someone and then it is determined it was a misdiagnosis. And I have heard some pretty lame excuses for some of these abusers that either kill a little innocent baby or leave them with a lifetime sentence to serve. No, I do not think it is fair to falsely accuse someone but unfortunately that may stem from all the ones that can stand there and tell bold face lies. Just my personal opinion.

  • No, Not ANY Time, NO Justice What SO Ever, In Fact She Is All Dressed Up And Out On The Town Right Now Watching The Music MaN With A Big Smile On Her face!!! I Cannot Understand This. I Guess When Parents Have Money You Can Get Away With Anything!!!

  • My name is Dusty... the mother of Liam... the little boy Christian "beat the shit out of". Your hilarious. Yes, Christian molested my son, but did not rape him or beat him. Sam was home with me the day after my son was assaulted. There were no bruises or marks. He was only touched, and thats in the report the doctor made. And its funny how you try to make her look bad when she did not do anything. And christian served his time. Victoria got out the day after without serving her time. Jeniffer should have got her facts right but she is entitled to her own opinion.

  • ^ I WantTo Add While She Was Putting Jacob Through Every Test Under The Sun, She Sat There KNOWING. TheSpinal Tap, MRI, EEG, all That Radiation.. Not To Mention The Emotions Of Her Husband And All Family Members Who Love This Little Guy, keeping Us All On An Emotional Rollercoaster!! :,(

  • Medical Misdiagnosis? Facts: Every Test Under The Sun Was Ran On Jacob, ONLY to Find An Old Healing Bone Fracture And Trama/Blood On The Brain. After Asked, It Was Admitted By Her To Authorities. Black And White. There Are No Gray Areas.Jacob has Brain Damage And The Severity Of That Will Only Be Determined As He Devolves. Please Keep Jacob In All Of your Prayers.

  • And I work for a news company. Appears I got the wrong info and worded this wrong.

  • Her son isn't home. Hes clinging to life in a hospital. So obviously you don't know what happened. Your an idiot.

  • Yes. Just like your brother. Hundreds still walk the street. Your brother could have killed that six year old. He took his innocence. So. I rest my case.

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