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Brevard County Sheriff's Office To Oversee School Security

VIERA, Florida — During the Brevard Public Schools Board meeting on Tuesday, Board members unanimously approved a partnership where a Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant will now oversee District Security.

The new partnership reduces operational costs for both Brevard Public Schools and the BCSO through the elimination of the Director of District Security position, which will be replaced by BCSO Lieutenant Mike Scully.  Lt. Scully’s position will be funded by both Brevard Public Schools and the Sheriff’s Office.  According to BCSO, Lt. Scully is a 30-year law enforcement veteran with exceptional skills in law enforcement administration, patrol, site security, and crime prevention.  

Over the course of the last several months, Sheriff Wayne Ivey had worked closely with Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Brian T. Binggeli and his staff to create a new “School Security” concept.

“This is an exceptional opportunity to partner more closely with the BCSO and our law enforcement community to enhance the safety for our students,” Binggeli said. “[District & School Safety Director Andrea] Alford has provided dedicated service to the students of Brevard County and we thank her for the years of support to this department.”

The initiative will immediately work to enhance communication and coordination between Brevard Public Schools and all law enforcement agencies. According to BCSO, the partnership was designed with the complete and unanimous support of the Brevard County Chiefs of Police and their respective agencies.

“I would like to personally commend the leadership of the Superintendent and our School Board Members for their commitment to the safety of our children, teachers, administrators and employees. This program is an excellent example of partnerships, working together to protect our community,” Ivey said. 

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  • Amazing there was actually a District of School Security position ?? Unreal, I thought Lt. Scully was already on the public dole?? He's going to get more $$$ for doing what is suppose to be HIS JOB. Oh yeah I really believe that this will save the taxpayer $$. So now sheriff's cars will be at the schools chit-chattin and on cell phones instead of their local meeting places.

  • You haven't proved me wrong. Disregard this Gov't./Coporate media lackey. Do your own research.Research the children's names at Social Security master death index list. You will be shocked at the truth. While your at it research obama's social security number.

  • "Sandy Hook was a Government black Psy-ops operation. No one was killed there'.Hey buddy..... Check your tin foil helmet, I think it's coming loose. We don't want the government sending in the bad transmissions to your brain, lol.

  • Why not publish the terms and condition of the agreement and let the public decide if it saves the tax payer money

  • Sandy hook was a Government black psy-ops operation. no one was killed can look up at the social security death master index.

  • Another blackwater operation ,it will not be only mike scully who be on job

  • Friends of Michael Scully for who would've ever guessed that. Bringing up the 26 killed children another stroke of genius. WHY dont you go back to watching CNN. Oh by the way do you mind showlng us the evidence that all the complaints against the school security director.

  • Now who will harass me about what school shirt I'm wearing at the SB meetings?

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