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Police: Man Killed By Marijuana Impaired Driver

Aymen Asker (Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Photo)
WEST MELBOURNE, Florida — West Melbourne police say that a Palm Bay driver was under the influence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, when the car he was driving struck a West Melbourne couple that resulted in the death of the husband.
On Wednesday February 5, 2014, seventy-three-year-old Jan Misitis was walking home with his seventy-seven-year-old wife.  As the West Melbourne residents crossed Doherty Drive near the entrance to the Buena Vida Estates at approximately 7:35 p.m., they were struck by a 1992 Toyota Corolla being driven by thirty-nine-year-old Aymen Asker of Palm Bay, Florida.
Mr. Misitis was transported to a local hospital where he passed away. His wife was also transported to a local hospital for the injuries she received and survived.

Police say that the Traffic Homicide Investigator (who is also a Drug Recognition Expert) detected clues of marijuana impairment in Mr. Asker at the scene of the crash. The Investigator required Mr. Asker to provide a blood sample under Florida law.  Those blood samples were analyzed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and tested positive for THC.  Police say that the levels of THC present in Mr. Asker’s blood samples are indicative of impairment and corroborated the clues observed by the investigator.

Mr. Asker was arrested on May 15, 2014 and charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI Manslaughter, and DUI with Serious Bodily Injury. He is incarcerated at the Brevard County Jail on no bond, and is expected to make a First Appearance later today.

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