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Brevard County Flood Zone Map Viewer Now Online

VIERA, Fla. — The Brevard County Public Works Department has implemented an online flood zone map viewer.
The viewer uses digital data provided by FEMA to display the Special Flood Hazard Areas from their official Flood Insurance Rate Map for Brevard County.

The FEMA flood zones are overlaid on the latest available aerial photography for ease in identifying a given property or area.

The mapping tool features a “Help” dialog box which explains the available search options, and a “Legend” to identify the various flood zones.

It allows searches by entering a specific property address, or browsing by using intuitive “Pan” and “Zoom” functions.

The “Point-and-Click” feature displays a text box stating the FEMA flood zone designation, the zone definition, the Base Flood Elevation if applicable, and whether flood insurance is mandatory to obtain Federally backed financing.

This mapping tool can be used by insurance agents, lenders, realtors, developers and the general public to evaluate properties countywide.

The link to the viewer is available on the Brevard County website,, under the Public Works Department section, on the Floodplain Administration page at

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