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Police: Teenage Girl Raped Near Melbourne Square Mall

MELBOURNE, Florida — West Melbourne Detectives have arrested a 19-year-old homeless man and charged him with two counts of sexual battery for allegedly committing an assault that occurred at approximately 10 p.m. Thursday night near the Melbourne Square Mall.
West Melbourne police say that the assault occurred in the wooded area south of Hibiscus Boulevard between Dairy Road and Gateway Drive.  After the assault, the 17-year-old female victim walked out of the wooded area and into the Melbourne Square Mall parking lot where she met with a security guard.  Police say that the suspect, Christopher Block, had been following the victim out of the wooded area but fled after she told the security guard what occurred.
Patrol officers from the Melbourne and West Melbourne Police Departments searched the immediate vicinity, and located Block as he was attempting to cross the intersection of Dairy Road and West New Haven Avenue in an alleged attempt to flee the area.  Block was detained while officers investigated further.  Police say that they learned that Block had provided the 17-year-old girl with alcohol to the point where she passed out, at which time Block had sex with the victim without her consent.
During the assault, the victim became aware of what was happening, but was unable to speak or fight him off due to her intoxicated state, police say.  Block was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery and is being held at the Brevard County Jail on $70,000 bond.

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  • They lie about a lot of things in reports. The news is supposed to be interesting. Believe it or not cops and the media lie sometimes. What type of girl would be hanging out getting drunk on Thursday night anyway? Not saying he didn't do it, but she could've very well lied. Either way, no one knows until it is determined in court.

  • I knew the idiot when I was homeless and have had to force him to stop harassing one of my female friends

  • Chris is my nephew and there is more to this than what is being stated by the newspapers. Only mindless drones which society controls would believe only what is printed. The girl went into the woods willingly, by herself with Chris, and with alcohol. Did she think they were going to sprinkle the alcohol around hem and have a prayer circle or something? Did he force the alcohol down her throat? No, I think she drank to the point of excess and was embarrassed by her own actions. The police need to test her through a hair follicle to see what kind of drugs shes been doing to prove that shes no innocent angel either. A good girl wouldnt go in tje woods alone with a boy and liquor. Shes just as guilty if not more for making a false alligation. Where are this girls parents? Shes a minor but not a child. I didnt know that a child was 17, could be legally emancipated, roam the streets day amd night, and get drunk. People, dont conform to societies standards of intelligence and push past the random bullshit printed and said and actually look at the situation. It doesn't add up..

  • Well from the comments above and the LOUSY newspaper report---We have certain UNDENIABLE FACTS--He is 19 --not a pillar of the community--She is 17 and no angel. She willingly went into the woods WITH him. One can speculate it was not the first time they met. They got drunk---interesting that she supposedly passed out and woke up while having sex then drunk had no problem finding someone to report she was raped. Not enough facts for me to judge him. Fact willingly went into woods Knowingly to get drunk She has done it before Both are losers

  • ---Just wondering ??? Was the 17 year old girl booked on charges of underage drinking ???? Yea police do great work--what a joke.

  • Just some facts, she was severely disoriented and ran (to the best of her ability) partially clothed, into the mall parking lot, screaming. A security guard found her as she collapsed on the pavement. She is not 17 and emancipated, she is a 17 year old foster child about to age out of the system, obviously she has some issues. No one asks to be raped. She might have chose to drink alcohol but at no point did she agree to have sex! This victim blaming is just too much!! The majority of rape happens by someone the victim knew, usually a close friend. Statistically it makes more sense than many commenters lead on.

  • if I did it why am I not In jail why has no evidence been found they did a dna test and found nothing you know why cause I was her friend and for her to have accused me of it shocked the hell out of me yea she was drunk and I was tryin to take care of her but I didn't rape her we didn't have sex and for what happened let me tell ya im free im innocentso now what

  • Wow you all are really something OK the 17 year old willing went into the woods with Chris and drank on her own and when she was drunk enough she passed out more than likely and woke up next to him and ran from the woods and told the mall security that she was raped there was no evidence on him raping her only her word against his...!!! how stupid can all of you get

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