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SpaceX To Delay Launch After Explosion

Falcon 9. Photo Credit: SpaceX.
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — SpaceX wants to delay the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket scheduled for this Tuesday after a SpaceX test rocket exploded in midair during a test flight in McGregor, Texas last Friday.

“While Friday’s F9R three engine, single stage test article and our launch site in McGregor, Texas are very different from the planned Cape Canaveral, Florida launch of the AsiaSat 6 satellite on the Falcon 9 rocket, we are taking some additional time to review the circumstances that caused the test vehicle to auto terminate to confirm that there is not a risk to orbital flight,” Spacex said in a release. “SpaceX prizes mission assurance above all. This action is consistent with that philosophy. “

As a result, SpaceX has requested a new launch window from the U.S. Air Force for next week’s AsiaSat 6 Mission. Pending final Air Force approval of this request, the AsiaSat 6 mission is now targeted to launch at 12:50 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, August 27 with a backup launch window on Thursday, August 28. If approved, the new launch window will open at 12:50 a.m. EDT on August 27 and last 3 hours, 15 minutes.

If all goes as planned, the Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the AsiaSat 6 satellite to a geosynchronous transfer orbit 32 minutes after liftoff.

Launch Weather Forecast

The most recent forecast issued by the U.S. Air Force 45th Weather Squadron predicts a 70% chance of overall permissible weather conditions for the SpaceX launch. The primary weather concerns for launch are anvil clouds and cumulus clouds.

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