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Debit Cards Compromised At Launch Federal Credit Union

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – Launch Federal Credit Union announced that it has become aware of fraud involving some of the financial institution’s customer debit cards. The credit union said that it is suspected that the breach occurred at a local merchant which they are attempting to identify.

Launch FCU said in a statement that its credit union members in the Titusville and Merritt Island areas are being affected in particular. The stolen debit card numbers are being used for purchases primarily at Walmart stores in amounts of $50 or less because most merchants do not require a signature or PIN numver for purchases of $50 or less.

To combat the fraud, Launch FCU is restricting any transaction under $50 without using a PIN. Launch FCU members will be reimbursed for any fraud on their accounts.

The credit union is asking its members to please monitor their accounts on a regular basis to ensure that there are no unauthorized charges on their debit card. Customers can do this by logging into their account online if they are signed up for online banking, or they can use VoiceTouch24 via telephone.

For customers who are not signed up for either of these services, they can contact the Launch FCU Call Center at 321-455-9400 or 800-662-5257 and choose option 3. If fraud is confirmed, that customer’s debit card will be immediately canceled, and a new one will be ordered.

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